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Kelly Wilde

Kelly Wilde

Kelly WildeAustralian singer Kelly Wilde is a successful international multi-lingual recording artist and performer who has toured extensively across the world.

She has an vast portfolio of music hits including a top 20 British Chart single. Kelly founded what is today one of the UK’s leading entertainment agencies. Dance Crazy Management boasts some of the industry’s biggest names and is responsible for booking the largest venues and the majority of the Gay Pride events and Festivals in the UK and abroad.

She appeared on ‘A Song For Europe’ with the song ‘Better Be Good To Me’ to represent the UK in The Eurovision Song Contest. This was followed by the British Top 20 hit ‘Nothing But Promises’.

With countless recordings for compilation albums and dance mixes, Kelly Wilde has a catalogue of monster club tracks including ‘Maria’, ‘Hero’ and ‘Gloria’, which are all featured in Kelly’s incredible live shows. She is in the studio writing new tracks and hosting main arena and festival events.

Whether it be one of her regular club visits or one of the major Pride Festivals her shows are always Dynamic! She appears on main stages all over the world. Some of these include Sydney Mardi Gras, Amsterdam/Euro Pride and London Pride where she recently hosted the event in front of an audience of over 20,000 people in Trafalgar Square.

Kelly has appeared on various TV shows and films. Further TV offers are looming, Recently “London Calling” TV show in the USA and GAYTOB TV in Australia and USA plus there is a Greatest Hits album in the pipeline and new tracks are currently being recorded with Power music.

As they say.....’Time Stands Still For No-One’ It certainly doesn’t for Kelly Wilde, the future looks set to get even bigger!

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