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Hazell Dean

Hazell Dean

Hazell DeanHAZELL'S first big hit "SEARCHIN" was released in May 1983. It became a massive club hit and went to number 1 in the UK Dance Charts and gave Hazell her next smash hit "Whatever I do, Wherever I go "  - which peaked at number 4 and earned Hazell her first silver disc.

She was the first Artist who set the Ball in motion with this song for PWL’s success.

Following this success, EMI records were very keen to sign her and what followed was a string of Dance floor classics. " They say it's gonna Rain" topped the charts in the USA.  / "Whatever I do,Wherever I Go", Who's Leaving Who" "Maybe We should call it a Day" & "Turn it into Love  were huge club hits in the European clubs and dance scene.   Hazell has the most amazing voice and range so it is no wonder she won the award for "BEST FEMALE PERFORMER" in the UK in the Club Mirror/Disco International awards twice, "Best Live Performer" in the USA dance clubs for  three years running and many awards for best single.

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