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Angie Brown

Angie Brown

Angie BrownANGIE is a true performer. She has the ability to adapt and change the sound of her voice to fit most styles of music. The sound that Angie is most known for though, is the all powerful dynamite house soul and gospel diva.

Angie’s big break came when Bizarre Inc discovered her. Following the success of “Playing with Knives” they put out “I’m Gonna get you” which went into the UK charts at No 2.

Motiv 8 quickly came on board and put out a top 10 hit “Rocking for myself” She has performed at some of the most prestigious parties for some of the world’s most rich and famous including the King of Morocco’s Birthday party.

As a live PA Angie has played clubs that vary from Space (Ibiza), Heaven (London & Gran Canaria) to venues in New York, Golden Gate, San Francisco, Dubai, India and Europe. She has been the headline guest for the UK’s biggest Mardi Gras parties.

The voice of Angie Brown can be heard all around the globe performing as a live PA, singing all her classics from the 90’s through to the present day .

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