Our Mission
To celebrate community diversity and learn from each other, increasing compassion, understanding, equality and wellbeing.
Our Values
We believe that supporting each other can help build a healthier community of acceptance and understanding, that laughter and togetherness strengthens bonds and that life is for living.
Our Solution
To provide friendly fun experiences that bring people together with opportunities for all to laugh, learn, talk and share.

Stoke on Trent Pride Team

Carl Gratty

A local lad who wanting to give something back to Stoke. Im a Techies by day and a musician by night. Love's a good debate and challenge, and likes to be there for my friends.

email me : chair@stokeontrentpride.org.uk

Dominic Gratty

Skilled negotiator and socialiser. Keen in getting out there on their scene with a finger on the pulse. Loves dogs, horror films and challenges. A very driven individual.

email me : secretary@stokeontrentpride.org.uk

John Porter

I have been a Trustee of the Charity since it was founded in 2014 and I deal with the operational side of the main Pride event and Pride fundraisers.

email me : john@stokeontrentpride.org.uk

Deborah Rogers

I am an artist and founder of local participatory arts organisation The Cultural Sisters. I have been a trustee of Stoke-on-Trent Pride since the charity began and believe that diversity deserves celebrating and creativity offers people a positive method to help them do that.

email me : deborah@stokeontrentpride.org.uk

Richard Boardman

I'm the man of a thousand catchphrases and the lead man for ensuring the entrances at Pride run smoothly. I've been involved in Pride for many years and became a Trustee when the Charity was formed.

email me : richard@stokeontrentpride.org.uk

Andrew Budworth

I am an openly Gay Business Owner in Staffordshire ...Creative in many fields....Proud ...Gay ...And a Born & Bred Stokie ...A recent Committee Member with a Talent for getting people & Business's to help with Fundraising : )

email me : andrew@stokeontrentpride.org.uk

Stephen Malkin

I am on the committee representing the Older LGBT group. I think Pride is one of the few opportunities for members of the OLGBT community to get together and have an enjoyable day in safe relaxed surroundings, as many do not feel comfortable going out in the town at night. This can encourage new friendships and combat isolation.

email me : stephen@stokeontrentpride.org.uk

Rich Starkie

I've been a Committee member since 2014, I was recently appointed as the Pride webmaster and am architect of the current Stoke on Trent Pride website.

email me : webmaster@stokeontrentpride.org.uk